The process begins with your ideas. Each Feldman home is the expression of the special site and the unique homeowner. His homes are different because no two clients have the same needs and dreams.

Mark Feldman with Dave and Diane Sheppard
"Mark, we're so proud to live in one of your homes. This solar stuff really works! Thanks so much for all your work to make our house so wonderful."
Dave and Diane Sheppard, Placitas, N. M.

Preliminary sketches give the clients an opportunity to express themselves in the give-and-take of the creative process. Your budget will determine the size and details of the project as well as the direction of the design.

An original Feldman home
"As in all Feldman creations — strikingly original, yet immensely comfortable."
Dotty Davis, Santa Fe, N.M.

The final working drawings resolve all details necessary for getting a building permit and bidding the job. They are a legal description of the house. Every creative detail is the product of thirty years of experience combined with the client's specific requirements.

An original Feldman home
"The thing about Feldman's houses in general is that they are exciting. People notice right away that something out of the ordinary is being erected."
Robert Borden, Jemez Thunder, October 1, 2002

Using a designer/builder ensures that the client's original ideas do not get lost in the myriad decisions of the construction process. If a question arises, there is no time consuming and expensive finger pointing between the designer and the contractor. Accountability is a given.

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"As a contractor, Feldman's crew of workers go back a long way... The experience and stability of his crew means that his construction bids are competitive, and work progresses smoothly with few delays."
Robert Borden, Jemez Thunder, October 1, 2002