I want my homes to honor both the people who live in them and the places in which they are built. A well crafted home should help people feel in harmony with both the surrounding physical and social landscape. The building blocks for your ideal house are: the right spot, the right space, and the right materials.

Mark M. Feldman

The Right Spot
Choosing the right spot for your dream home is the most important decision of your home-building project. Whether it be on the side of a cliff, in a wooded wonderland, or on an urban infill site, locating the home precisely can make a world of difference. No matter what spot you have selected for your new home, there are lots of ways to make the most of it.

The Right Space
Openness and natural lighting make ordinary rooms come alive. Small spaces open up with high ceilings and easy connections to the outdoors. How one space flows into another can define your unique lifestyle.

The Right Materials
Traditional adobe bricks, stone, and native timbers are often the starting point of great homes. But steel, glass, and fine woodwork can create a contemporary masterpiece.